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Kantilena Mixed Choir 

The Kantilena Mixed Choir was founded in 2006. It consists of former members of the select children’s choir Kantiléna in Brno, and its first choirmaster was Ivan Sedláček, Kantiléna’s founder and longtime conductor. Together they were able to recreate something of the shared experience, atmosphere, and musical quality they shared as children. Jakub Klecker took over as conductor in 2008; and the choir recorded a CD featuring Renaissance polyphony and the works of Antonín Dvořák. Martin Franze took over as choirmaster and artistic director in 2010.

The Kantiléna Mixed Choir performs around 14 concerts a year and studies, on average, four completely new programs.





In 2013 the choir gave 14 concerts, and performed abroad in Slovenia and Italy. At the invitation of the Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Slovenia they sang at the Slovenian State Opera in Ljubljana, and took part in a choir festival in San Ginesia, Italy. Their repertoire for the tour was the choir’s traditional Renaissance polyphony, along with songs by Czech big-band composer Jaroslav Ježek adapted for mixed choir.


In Novemeber 2013 the choir performed Orff’s Carmina Burana at Brno’s Community Hall, singing together with the Kantiléna children’s choir and the mixed choirs Kantila Křtiny and Virtuosi di Mikulov. In September 2013 they took part in the Campanila music festival in Mikulov. For the same festival in 2014 they are studying a new repertoire of Czech and international swing standards. They will also give a fourth performance of Carmina Burana.



The main repertoire of the children’s Kantiléna has always been Renaissance polyphony, along with contemporary compositions often written by authors specifically for Kantiléna. The Kantiléna Mixed Choir maintains a similar repertoire, but enjoys performing works from other periods as well. They work with solo vocalists and instrumentalists, including the chamber orchestra Ensemble Opera Diversa with artistic director Jiří Bělohlávek.


Here are some of the other works in their repertoire:

Carla Orff - Carmina Burana
Camille Saint-Saëns - Oratorio de Noël
Antonio Vivaldi - Gloria in D, Magnificat
Gabriel Fauré - Requiem
Jakub Jana Ryba – Czech Christmas Mass (arranged by Vít Šujan for chamber orchestra and dulcimer)
Leoš Janáček – The Lord’s Prayer
Vytautas Miškinis – selected works

The choir has premiered the works of František Emmert, Martin Franze, Martin Jakubíček, Petr Janovský, and Dada Klementová.

Each year the choir studies an independent program for holiday and liturgical occasions. Its repertoire includes material appropriate for church, theater, the concert hall, and even caverns or other natural surroundings.


Choirmaster Martin Franze

Martin Franze graduated from Brno Conservatory in solo voice, and from the Janáček Academy of the Performing Arts in choir conducting under Prof. Lubomír Mátl. In 1993-1997 he was a member of the Czech Philharmonic Choir Brno, and performed with other ensembles as vocalist and conductor. In 1996 he founded the vocal ensemble Musica da Camera Brno, with which he has conducted more than a hundred concerts and recorded two compact discs. He is conductor of the mixed choir Virtuosi di Mikulov, and is artistic director of the octet OctOpus Vocalis.

Martin Franze has conducted the Kantiléna Mixed Choir since 2010. He is also an occasional composer, with some of his works written especially for Kantiléna.

He he waswas a co-founder and long-time artistic director of the Kampanila International Choir Festival, held annually in Mikulov since 1999.  He is also a vocalist and member of the Czech Baroque Ensemble.